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I look for ways to translate an idea and express it by using visual or verbal media (design tools), seeking to share and perceive the idea expressed, and finally starting a new cycle with the critical rethinking of the perceived idea. 

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With experience in various areas of technology and design, we focus on turning ideas into the best object for your brand or product. Also performing consulting to define the best solution for your project, permeating design and technology.

Know some of my work

App Design

Keeping up to date with the latest guidelines and research, bringing our own innovative solutions in the area of UI / UX

Functional Prototyping

Development of the functionality of the application, as well as the creation of its entire layout, thinking about usability and how to facilitate its use on mobile.

Attention to the details

Thoughtful positioning, both to give the desired visual focus as well as easy finger access to the desired interest.

Brand preserved

Concern with maintaining the brand’s visual identity and colors, integrating intelligently within the needs of the desired application, without becoming tiresome or exaggerated. Used with harmony and purpose.

Clean and sober

Language appropriate to the message your company wants to convey. Chosen with you to determine the focus and manner of delivering the desired result.

Specific language

You can direct every look of your application to set the mood you are looking for.

As in the case of this application that was looking for something more fresh, modern, but with a dark look.

The thought goes beyond

With the focus on registering demands, it was thinking in a simplified and stepwise way, with inputs best suited to each type of data.

With this it is possible to speed up the registration process.

Navigation made easy

Thoughtfully, the entire process of navigating an application can be simplified and made easy to access to fingers simply and intuitively.

System Design

Designing for systems involves truly understanding everything the system offers to be able to group those needs together.

The importance of prototyping

Prototyping is often the best way to start testing your idea. The big advantage is anticipating what works and what doesn’t, and often discovering new features for your product.

Flow analysis

In addition to the visual aspect, it is important to analyze and predict the user’s daily use from basic and advanced tasks to determine the most efficient way the system can be used.

Study model

Project that lists several mentors in areas that have knowledge, so that it is possible to distinguish them visually and their characteristics.


Every sequence thought out, so that the developments of each item or activity are pre-planned and applied project characteristics.

Complex systems

Remote server management system. A very visual control panel, so that it easily displays the various servers of the company and visually provides its status and main characteristics.

Complex systems

Simple and efficient ways to display the characteristics of each server have been devised, so that it visually integrates with the servers and looks native, as well as the proper tools for interacting with each machine.


Designing for systems involves truly understanding everything the system offers to be able to group those needs together.


Elegant and minimalist, this site values the beauty and objectivity of delivering information.

Vovô Salim

To delight the food of this restaurant, the site was a search for elegance with modernity.


With the focus on explaining the activities of this company, we seek modern and clean layout

Video / Motion Graphics

Motion Graphics, Color Correction and Project Concepts. Only some projects include capture, while others use third party scenes and are for internal reproduction only, with the intent of presenting a conceptual project.

Mockup of a travel program with a different outlook for women.

Video for dissemination of course in social networks. 

Concept of a program that discusses the look of famous. 

Concept of a feminist program for presentation to a magazine.

Pilot Program for Youtube. Made editing, editing, motion and sound

Pilot Program for Youtube. Made editing, editing, motion and sound

Concept of a program to discuss forgotten beauty patterns

Concept of a program to talk about visagism can help your look

Video for dissemination of course in social networks.

Animation describing an idea for political campaign

Video for political campaign, color correction, capture and lettering.

Intro to program.

Fight card presentation, color correction, cut, edition.

Institutional video

Other projects

Following are several works in various areas where it involves creation and design. All projects have a brief description. Just click on the thumbnail to enlarge.